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The title and author are stamped across the pink, white and blue stripes of the transgender pride flag.

by Juno Dawson
with illustrations by Soofiya


"One of the most persistent myths about trans and non-binary communities is that being gender-variant is a brand-new fad invented by Caitlyn Jenner in 2015". Juno Dawson tackles the T with her trademark biting wit, feminist verve and in the same direct, clear and unpatronising tone she brought to the global bestselling 'This Book is Gay' (1st published 2014). From breaking down our LGBTQ+ communities' alphabet of acronyms to coming out as trans to navigating our legal system, this is a superbly empowering handbook for living your best T life with extra gusto. Also highly recommended to carers, teachers, parents and other potential allies. Favourite moments for this reviewer? The feminist critique of 'TERF', the glorious 'Brief History of Trans' chapter and the 'Transgender Hall of Fame' biographies interspersed throughout the text. By an award winning author, the 2014 Queen of Teen and a former PSHE teacher. Age 14+, Paperback 294pp


Themes: Gender Equality   Themes: LGBTQ+


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