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Cropped silhouette profiles of a Black adult and a Black child facing each other. The title words run down in between them.

by Maxine Beneba Clarke


"Darling, when we sing that Black Lives Matter, and we're dancing through the streets, we're saying: fear will not destroy our joy, defiance in our feet".

From whispering the past to bellowing in the streets to laughing -on the inside- with ancestors, a wonderfully lyrical unthreading and expansion of the phrase, 'Black Lives Matter'. Accompanied by swirling illustrations which move across and beyond the pages.

'A nice way to unpick a slogan that has been key to amplifying a movement...I like the way it dances between the past and the present to relay the historical significance' (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, Letterbox Library Reviewer).'I absolutely loved it... I love the lyricism of it and feel it's a book that is honest without traumatising Black children' (Patrice, Children's/YA author, LL reviewer). Age 4-8, Paperback 31pp


Themes: Black History


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