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Cover shows a Black boy arms outstretched with a number one on his Tshirt. He's surrounded by figures from his imagination.

by Lenny Henry

illustrated by Salomey Doku


Meet Tyrone and his marvellous Grandad Cleveland who looks after him while Mum is at her nursing job. Tyrone is vex and frustrated with his building blocks. He wanted to fly off in his rocket to meet the Man in the Moon. But Grandad is on hand to gently teach him a thing or two about real ambitions, real flights of imagination: they could build a much, much taller rocket, one which would let them drop in on Tyrone’s Tanzanian warrior clan, build on the work of the Windush generation, whisk them in to have ice cream with Cleopatra and visit Kingston, Jamaica’s Orange Street… A time machine adventure which draws on a rich legacy of Black History and centres a lovely grandparent/grandchild relationship. Age 4-7, paperback 30pp


Themes: Black History   Themes: Diverse Families        


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