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by James & Lucy Catchpole
illustrated by Karen George


"Sometimes, being Joe felt like being in The Joe Show. And Joe didn't want to be in The Joe Show". By the team who brought you the brilliant, 'What Happened to You?' Joe is back with friend, Simone, doing pirate grudge fights in the playground, a game which is quickly deflated by the response of an onlooker who calls out, "Amazing!" Joes knows he's amazing. He just wonders why everyone feels the need to keep calling him amazing (and brave and inspiring) whenever he does... well, really almost anything, from hanging on monkey bars to scratching his bottom. Simone and Joe just wish everyone would pipe down so they can get back to Doctor Crokchops Vs Señor Sharkface. Will Joe find a space where he's neither Amazing Joe nor Poor Joe?
Another smart, savvy and pointed challenge to the assumptions made and the narratives told 'about' disabled people. Again, all relayed with the utmost humour and with illustrations which really nail the gamut of young children's facial expressions. Comes with a nice little knowing reference to one of the author's previous incarnations as an amputee footballer.

As the authors say, 'Most stories told about disabled people involve either tragedy and pity, or inspiration and triumph...For a disabled child this can be confusing. It can take a conscious effort to let it be otherwise: to let it be normal. But disability is normal. And disabled children will have their own - normal- stories, if we let them'. Age 4-7, Paperback 30pp


Themes: Disabilities


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